Cornerstones for Effective Strategy Execution

Organization & Micro-/Macro-Environmental Factors, Source: Own Elicitation What are the Benefits of Effective Strategy Execution? Strategy development and execution are necessary to create a unique as well as valuable position and to drive sustainability and competitive advantage. Development and execution of strategy is complex, binding important resources, time consuming and expensive. Both are complex – … Continue reading Cornerstones for Effective Strategy Execution

What could Effectiveness mean?

Answering this question in general and universally valid is difficult – if not even impossible. But there are some important aspects in a broader sense of “effective execution” that might be essential for any organization at any given point in time, because “businesses are different, but business is much the same […]. There is a … Continue reading What could Effectiveness mean?

Some Thoughts About Life…and Work.

Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, Tianmen Mountain, China. Leads to Heaven's Gate. Source Life is one big road that paths its way through these realms, with lots of curves, valleys, mountains and signs. So when you are riding through, don't complicate your mind. Feel free from hate, mischief and jealousy. Give humility, respect, esteem, forgiveness, … Continue reading Some Thoughts About Life…and Work.