Cornerstones for Effective Strategy Execution

Organization & Micro-/Macro-Environmental Factors, Source: Own Elicitation What are the Benefits of Effective Strategy Execution? Strategy development and execution are necessary to create a unique as well as valuable position and to drive sustainability and competitive advantage. Development and execution of strategy is complex, binding important resources, time consuming and expensive. Both are complex – … Continue reading Cornerstones for Effective Strategy Execution

Even Organizing Genius is Not a Sure-Fire Success

Source: Own Elicitation, Background Image: Office 365 Designs Jointly Doing the Right Thing Right Doing the right thing is more important than doing things right - thereafter just do it right anyways.Inspired by: PETER F. DRUCKER In another place I have already extensively described the differences between effectiveness and efficiency on a higher level. Furthermore … Continue reading Even Organizing Genius is Not a Sure-Fire Success