Psychosophy Management Consulting Steiner


Psychosophy Management Consulting Steiner provides information, knowledge, insights, and services on topics like:

  • Organizational Development & Behavior,
  • (Strategic) Management & Leadership,
  • Disruption, Digital Transformation, IT Service & Change Management,
  • Communication, Coordination, Cooperation & Collaboration,
  • Professional Learning, Research & Development,
  • Training, Teaching & Coaching.

Basic attitudes, value systems and capabilities of human-centered Psychosophy Management root in technological, organizational, economic as well as applied psychological and philosophical aspects.

Honorarias or packages are negotiated individually based e.g. on goals, scope, size of organization, persons involved or complexity.

Another purpose and goal of this website is to provide practical tips, methods or tools that proved their practical applicability.

The foundations of Psychosophy Management Consulting Steiner’s expertise and knowledge are based on profound education, further studying, and learning. Psychosophy Management Consulting Steiner had the pleasure, opportunity, and honour to study and continuously learn at and by grandiose support of the following innovative and state of the art institutions. Lifelong learning is part of Psychosophy Management Consulting Steiner’s identity.

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