About the Logo

Logo of Psychosophy Management

The logo itself bears some complexity within it. The Greek letters are, from left to right, Psi, Sigma and Phi. Chi (X) in the center.

Psi stands for Psychology as well as Psyche (psychē in Greek = Soul).

The Sigma stands for Sophia. The first letter of this word. Sophia signifies wisdom as well as, in a mathematical sense, the sum of all the parts in the logo. Sigma is used in maths to symbolize a sum.

Phi stands for Philosophy, which signifies literally the love or affinity to wisdom, and Philosophy as a subject itself.

All three of them are fusioned into the term Psychosophy.

The fourth letter, the X, which is the 22nd letter in Greek alphabeth, the CHI – like the CHI (Qi) in asian realms, which is a term for the vital/life energy, e.g. in Traditional Chinese Medcine. In physics it is also symbolizing the trait of a material to be polarizable and magnetizable. In maths it is the sign for multiplication. Additionally it is the cross of St. Andrew and symbolizes Christ. So all of the contents of the logo are a product, a multiplication, which reinforces itself and all the elements in interrelation.

The fifth letter is a stylised M, in form of a purple Sinus Wave, which stands for the magical life, technology and management respectively.

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