Areas of Excellence

In relation to the competence portfolio I offer a range of expert areas and domains to help you achieve the results you’re after. These areas are applied according to your individual needs and goals. Most approaches are a fusion of different standards and best practices that already have proven its practicability. Get in touch below or in the contact section in order to have a conversation about your vision and how we can realize it with effectiveness and efficiency.

Project Management

What’s a project? Is it Classical? According to PMI? Hermes or RUP? Waterfall? Or rather a bit more agile? Using techniques like Scrum or Kanban? Project Management is applied to the project’s and cultural requirements. Using the best techniques of all worlds, applied to your individual setting. What counts is to get the right things done – right.

Information Technology

Any solution leads to new challenges – with a vage vision at the beginning. Starting with Requirements Engineering and Management using excellent approaches for elicitation, analysis, validation and negotiation to make your IT System become reality. From Designing your IT System until Rollout. Any architecture, like Service-oriented or Microsservices

Already during realization of IT Systems, Life Cycle Management should be considered conscientiously and as a whole. Why not making use of IT Service Management Standards and Best Practices?

Change Management

Digital Transformation is far more than a techology challenge. A question of speed or process optimization. It is transforming whole organizations from a holistic point of view. It is changing practices, behaviors, cultures. These changes need to be designed, escorted and guided appropriately. Unleashing your full potential, ambitextrially in an evolutionary universe.

Business Modeling

Business Models help to cast and mold the world into a holistic diamond to get a abstraction for better understanding and structuring. You want to redesign your Business Model or discover another red ocean, peeling something new out of what is already existing? Modeling your status quo to unveal gaps for your way into a sustainable future? Event-driven Process Chains or BPMN? Get in touch and I will touch your business.

Strategy Development & Execution

Even your strategy needs a strategy to become reality. During my studies and researches I intensively analyzed the critical success factors for each strategy that wants to be executed, i.e. for each organizational change or even profound transformation at the same time. A strategy that is fully integrated with purpose, vision and mission of any organization. Let’s strategize together the why and what of your strategy and your organization’s purpose. Finally how we get the rubber on the road. Because that is it, what counts.

Training / Coaching & Workshops

You need a trainer or coach on all topics provided on these sites? For groups or single persons, face-to-face or remote? Or there is a need for a workshop, using methodologies like Design Thinking or World Café. A facilitator, who is integrating profound knowledge in collegial or systemic counseling? Let’s talk about your topics and we will find an (r)evolutionary solution.


I am an experienced speaker in different contexts and different conferences, like TechEvents or Swiss Oracle User Group. The largest audience so far, that I have had the honor to speak to, consisted of approximately 1’500 people. There is an event, on which I could give a presentation on disruptive and transformational topics, a Key Note I could take over? Just get in touch. It would be my pleasure.

Let’s build something together.