Curriculum Vitae


With a multinational background as Business Information Scientist and Corporate Development Specialist for more than 13 years as well as an experienced trainer, coach, speaker and consultant, I am considering myself as an organization designer, who is integrating a profound mélange of technological, organizational, economic, and applied psychological knowledge, skills and methods. Further education and studying in fields like IT Service Management, Model and Systems Thinking, Morale and Political Philosophy, Team Leadership and Development, Change Management, Behavioral Economics, Intercultural Communication, Constructivism or Systemic Counseling, combined with active knowledge in areas like Business Modeling, ITIL, Information Security, ADKAR, WaVe, CMMI or PMI and Scrum, embodies in total the interdisciplinary fusion of my day to day oeuvre and parts of my passions.

Todays realities are incomparably (r)evolutonizing our known realms. Restoring normality and imposing the reality of yesterday on a changed today is futile. My major goal is to design organizations that always fit the ever-changing new realities, which is sine qua non for lasting future partaking. To achieve this, it is necessary to conceive new adaptive, holistic and agile mindsets as well as intercultural co-creation and collaboration strategies combined with and fortified by appropriate IT systems. Responsibility and accountability for society at the micro level must extend to the macro level, thrive universally, and be part of the purpose of any organization.

CV – Andreas Steiner