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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOTALITARIANISM – Prof Mattias Desmet – Mass Formation – headwind tv
☀️ The Psychology of Totalitarianism – Mattias Desmet
A Documenary on Dr Mattias Desmet and his theory
“The biggest experiment in human history.”
Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt: Vaccine Time Bomb
Arne Burkhardt: Spike Protein & Nanoparticles in Vaccines = Poison!
The FDA & Pfizer Knew That The CoVid – 19 Vaccines Were Dangerous!
SKY Australia: Just 1% COVID-Deaths!
Some origins of Eugenics: “Gates to Plato?”

Source: Original from John Hopkins University

Carlo Schmid: “We do not have a state to build.”
Wolfgang Schäuble on the Sovereignty of the German People; Frankfurt 18th of November 2011.
IM Erika – Propaganda and Aggitation
ZDF Interview – Professor Albrecht (2013)
about Germany’s way and transformation of the German constitutional state into a
surveillance state.
Very important facts about the Federal Republic [of/in] Germany (FRiG, BRiD).
Dr. Matthes Haug’s “Das Deutsche Reich 1871 bis heute”, available e. g. here: Hugendubel
Heinrich XIII. Prinz Reuss – WordWebForum
University of Berne: Court Decision BVerfGE 36 2 BvF 1/73

Max-Planck-Institute: Court Decision on the German Empire

Bundesfinanzministerium: “Eckpunktepapier Koalitionsausschuss vom 03. Juni 2020”
Letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany
Guido Westerwelle: “Liberty always dies by centimetres” (Karl-Hermann Flach).
Roger Köppel on Liberty and Democracy in Switzerland
FRG-Hypocrisy at its best…
Farewell speech Guido Westerwelle
Söder’s Return to “Normality”…
1995: Pierre Gilbert about Zombie-Vaccins (German Subtitles)

Version with English subtitles on YouTube.

Further investigations related to Gilbert’s Statements.
The image above is part of a presentation of Pathology Conference
It may turn out that the vaccinations are dangerous? Who cares…
“Vaccinated Infections” n Israel
Dr. Robert O. Young: Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines
Together with a doctor and a naturopath we examined the blood of 4 unvaccinated and 4 vaccinated persons on 29.11.2021 and made frightening results under a dark field microscope.
Vaccination Odyssey
This MEP has asked to see the contracts with the pharmaceutical industry. The result: almost completely blacked out text. This is not democracy, but tyranny and arbitrariness in favor of private interests!
Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt zur “Todesursache nach covid-19 Impfung” –
Werner Bergholz: Die Wissenschaft ist außer Kraft gesetzt!
Luc Montagnier – Nobel Prize Winner for discovering HIV – on dangers of COVID-Vaccinations
No more influenza? >> WHO Flu Mart
German Lyiticians

Is this the NWO?

Not my own work, but imporant to publish…

Scholz declares war against unvaccinated humans, calling them an extremist tiny minority…pure…insanity…lunatic…
Alice Weidel – September 2022

Our World in Data – Corona Virus

Governmental Corona-Strategy based on “Worst Case” and “Fear” – not available anymore with this link! Bundestag Request:
Georgia Guidestones
Imprisonment for Security: Assassinations, cover ups, and false flags

Direct Link to “Koalitionsvertrag 2018”

Merkel (IM Erika): “……until the entire world population has been vaccinated.”
The Fall of The Cabal – Part 18
Further Discrimination in Australia
Reuters & the German “Faktenchecker” – just for Alu-Helmets…
Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point about a range of topics, including psychology, neurobiology, and the science of humans at war. Full presentation.
Klaus Lindinger’s Research
Masks: Visibility of Terror
European Parliament: C. Anderson on liberal democracies
Ryan Cole, MD: Corona-Vaccinations vs. Increase of Cancer

Regardings Cole’s investigations an article in Focus Online, 2nd November 2021, titled: Dramatic rise in severe cancer and diabetes cases – when to see a doctor.

Another report by ARD: Massive increase in other diseases
Swiss Policy Research on Vaccine Adverse Events
Former Pfizer VP Mike Yaedon on Vaccins
STIKO Head Mertens would not vaccinate his children…
USA News Compilation – Plandemic?
Who lies better?
The Montgomery-Chameleon…
EU parliamentarians call for Von der Leyen’s withdrawal: “Ursula von der Leyen is part of a gigantic COVID-19 scientific fraud and propaganda campaign”.
EU-Parliament: Mountains of corpses? “Here a legend is told that is false.”“It has not been proven whether the substances work. […] Side effects have exploded. […] To date, there has been no effective consent.
Great Reset? Great Delete?

Monopoly: An Overview Of The Great Reset – Follow The Money

Monopoly Part 2 – Who Owns Media? (created by OvalMedia)

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