HarvardX Retrospective – Justice by Michael J. Sandel: An Invaluable Learning Experience!

The Contents: Back and Forth to a Reflective Equilibrium

Justice, by Michael J. Sandel, is a masterpiece of work on moral and political philosophy. By an exploratory time travel from classical to contemporary theories of justice and i.a. questions on what a good life, freedom, equality or a virtue is or might be, there is loads of content for personal growth available. All of this is spread out on a fascinatingly laid table of knowledge, wisdom and rich material for positive, intellectual and mental arson – you are invited to take a seat, then stand up and participate, sitting down again and listening.

Just to mention a few, you are floating from Aristotle through John Locke over Immanuel Kant to John Rawls. Applying your gathered, deepened and sharpened compentences on diverse legal, political and social controversies and dilemmas in public as well as private lifes, you are experiencing some kind of personal evolution and brightening. Becoming an enlarged citizen and person of the world – knowing more on what doing the right thing could actually be.

The Style: Being There from Everywhere in an Ambitious Realm

Due to the high class video material that is composed from different perspectives, you feel like you are actually sitting in the audition hall. You are partaking lectures that have taken place in the past. Professor Sandel’s lecture style is marvelous, sagacious, entertaining, integrating and he is able to create an environment and atmosphere of reciprocal, appreciative, argumentative understanding. The controversial integration of diverging perspectives and giving them room to mature is incredibly valuable and eventually inevitable. Connecting students from all over the world within the lecture enriches the topics from different cultural backgrounds, too. Providing and supporting a multi-dimensional perspective.

Each new topic is introduced by an exciting case, related to the topics of the lecture, using innovative and cool videos mostly in comic style. Forcing you to think about, act and to substantiate the own decision with adequate arguments and reasons.

Of course, the contents are deep and complex – but that is great. The course easily takes about 100h – which can be expanded. But it is it all worth – to my mind. Your knowledge is sharpened and tested through dilemma solvings, quizzes, lecture tests, exciting discussions in related forums with fellows as well as ambitious final exams. But you can really learn at your own pace. A great MOOC offered by HarvardX and edX.

The Conclusion: Getting Back to My Initial Statement


As I stated in the title of this article: One of my most invaluable learning experiences! I can highly recommend this lecture and course – it is it all worth, I forgot that there is something called effort. After passing my final exam, it first felt like there was something important missing now: Partaking in these lectures. Then I realized that the lectures became part of myself – awesome! Many thanks to Professor Sandel, all participants as well as HarvardX and edX.

More info: http://justiceharvard.org/justicecourse/

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