Psychosophy of Successful Change

Perito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Source: Own Elicitation

Our world is changing – every day. Sometimes, this leads to innovations that change every day’s life as it has never been before or to new regulations that affect daily business. Sometimes life and humans reinvent past or move back to old values and behaviors. However world is changing, it is essential for a company to assume what will happen and be ready for adoption when the right moment has come. Even if this means „not to change anything“, because what exists is exactly what is needed. What really matters: Future needs origin. Where are we coming from and where are we going to be!? Especially when change is supposed to be sustainable and fully integrated.

Purpose, autonomy and mastery are just three parts of the philosophy to make changes become reality. To be more than just an ambitious idea or wish. People, culture, Change Management and Communication are inevitable components. Everything is possible in the triangle of vision, structure and humans. But psychological logic does not equal strategy or process logic. This means, every change can only be successful, if corporate culture and values are respected. If not too many changes happen within a certain period of time. If employees are a top-down-bottom-up alliance of participants and not just “command receivers”. And if change targets are meaningful and emotional stories, almost free of assumptions in addition to strategy, abstract bullet points, roadmaps, project or action plans.

That is what I would call: “The Psycho-sophy” of Change. This means, the very deep psychology and philosophy of successful change.

Many, many thanks to Ulrich Sambeth for this inspiration! 🙂

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